Monday, June 22, 2009

Volume doesn't exist

Can someone tell me why my Prophet chart in ThinkOrSwim's trading platform will not show volume data for the S&P 500 or NASDAQ indices? Before exploring TOS, I've been a regular on to use their Java charts, and I've noticed their volume data for the S&P started to be missing around the time of the March rally. There's a little in April, then it's gone again.

Here's the TOS chart, different scale but same story.

Fortunately, is still coming through. RSI and the short-term MA's are at a similar situation to where they were around May 21, which led to more rally action. However, we've also crossed the 200 MA, which should provide added support. But the volume and price-action is looking bearish for the short-term.

I'd say Monday isn't looking too good, but there is Strong support at 910. But if it breaks through, I'll be watching the next support at 894. I'm 100% cash right now, so I'm looking for opportunities, long or short.

On a side note, I took a short walk this Father's Day while visiting the in-laws. I walked up to the local Buick/Pontiac/GMC dealership up the road from their house after it had closed for the day. As I browsed the lot, I started by ogling the GMC Yukons, and noticed that the first one I saw was priced over $59,000. Man, my first house almost cost that much! These days, it's no wonder these cars aren't selling.

As I moved on, I saw the Pontiac G5's and G6's that they had to liquidate ('cuz GM is terminating the brand). I looked at one particular G6 with some bells and whistles, and couldn't believe the price was over $23,000. In 2001, I bought a new Chevy Impala, and got the "employee discount" (for other reasons) and bought it for $22,000, 5-yr loan with 0% interest. I still have that car, and it's about 20% bigger than this G6. I just couldn't see inflation being so great that this smaller (yet newer) car would cost more than my family-wagon only 8 years later. Then I saw that it was a 2008 model....that car could be sitting on the lot for almost 2 years!

Prices need to correct, just like in houses and stocks. I sure hope this purging process we're going through will truly clean out the system for a while. Even if the cars come out more 'inferior' for the next few years, I would like them to at least be priced right! Enough said, it's after 1 AM and I have to go to work in a few hours.

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