Thursday, June 11, 2009

Golden Ticket

I just scored front row seats for me and my family to watch the STS-127 Shuttle Launch this Saturday morning. Since I work here, I usually get to see these launches up close, but now I get to bring the kids. Here's the approximate location:

The pad is about 3 miles NE of this spot. If you look around, you can also see the crawler with an empty mobile launch platform near the upper pad, not far to the North.

As for investing/trading, I ended up pulling out of all positions yesterday. After first getting stopped-out of ILMN, I examined the others and saw breakdowns across the board. Since my account is all cash, I have to wait three days for settlement before I have access to that money again for trading. I'm out until Monday, which is just fine since I've got too much going on otherwise.

Besides, it will be good to take a step back for a breather, and to get a fresh look on where the Markets are going.

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