Monday, June 08, 2009

If you aren't churning, you aren't learning.

I got nervous this morning as everything stumbled and fell. All my holdings were down about 2% but still "within tolerances." No stops were triggered, and all my holdings seemed to stabilize after the morning session. A few of my holdings even rose back up, and I got confident again, even enough to get back into my 30-year Treasury Bond, triple-short ETF: TMV. I even managed to get it near an intraday low of 90.80, and it closed at 93.76.

I also bought OSCI on pure speculation, and it's making me sweat as it held steady all day. Closed neutral, minus brokerage fees.

With three up and three down, I ended today +1.25%.

These guys are still making me nervous:

ABAT (-1.62% today)
Still painfully drawing out that ascending triangle, which doesn't converge until June 18 or June 23, depending on which resistance you're using.

AGO (-1.23% today)
Ended today on a promising recovery.

ILMN (-2.08% today)
Still looking for direction, but it appears that the bears are in small numbers compared to the bulls. So, I continue to hold on the assumption that this is consolidation, not a turnaround.

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