Thursday, June 18, 2009


The Atlas V carrying NASA's LRO/LCROSS missions took off this evening at 5:32 pm EST. I went out to the parking lot for the building where I work across the bay to watch it. I couldn't see it because of the low cloud cover, but BOY! was that thing LOUD! The rumbling just kept going...and going... I could definitely tell the difference from Shuttle launches that I've seen from even up close.

BTW, we're across the bay because NASA can't seem to find room for us contractors on Center. Since we're working on the new launch vehicle, I'm sure a few spots will open up in a year or two, after Shuttle winds down.

In the Markets, I pulled out of my losing FAZ and TMF positions. Both had worked stellar yesterday morning when I got them before they turned on me. TMF shot down from one Fibonacci line down to the next before stalling. FAZ took its time, but it's there too. Now I'm back to 100% cash while I step back and take another look at what's going on. I've been so busy with work and doing overtime that I haven't been able to check much lately. I don't think I'll get much breathing room until July.

Meanwhile, I had to return that book to the library and ended up buying it on The book again is: All About Technical Analysis by Constance Brown. I'll be reading it upon my leisure (pronounced: lez-shure) for the next couple of weeks to help me work on a new plan of action.

The markets are so choppy, and people are getting more aggravated about which way things might go in the short-term. One interesting note, I heard on Bloomberg today that a certain, successful hedge fund is looking to bet on mid/long-term hyperinflation. I wonder if I can do that through the Bond-short ETF's and commodity ETF's (both long and short)? Dollar Index is going down, which is going to cause a rise in commodity prices. I've got this itching feeling to get my money out of "US Dollars" for the next 5 years.

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