Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Out of the xBox

Guess what I got for Christmas? Here's a hint:

Now that I've got first Prestige, level 70, and Fall camo for the Intervention, I figured I'd look at the charts again to try and make heads or tail of what's going on. Ok, ok, I've been watching the whole time. So, here's where I am right now:

I recently bought the dips on AVF, DMND, and ETW. I tried to get KKD on a second dip to 2.51, but it never happened and it took off while I watched in the cloud of dust. I'm still watching it, looking for a dip-buy opportunity.

I've already sold DMND for a quick profit, and I'm still watching it for a second entry opportunity. It looks like a rising wedge that's ready to break.

There's a limit order to dabble in some CNOA at $.90, which has been hovering at $.901 for 2 hours now.

The traders I listen to are trending in the positive direction for the markets right now. I don't know how they see it, but I'm trusting their judgement (with stops, of course) while I try to figure out what they're seeing. Meanwhile, I'll be studying the basics again to engrave Chart Patterns 101 in my mind.

Hat tip to Traderstewie for the training session:
Link Here


If anyone happens to read this, my XBOX Live tag is R4ND0M THR33.