Sunday, May 03, 2009

Update on the GS Conspiracy Theory

I checked out the GoldmanSachs666 site and happened to find an article from today talking about the same thing; find it here. Either the conspiracy theorists hang out (wouldn't be surprised), or the Small Smart Money is figuring it out at the same time.

In fact, in the comments section for another post on GS666, I found this gem mentioning the Zero Hedge article:

smalltownlawyer on April 27, 2009 9:21 PM

I am a little disappointed at how easy it is to debunk the Zero Hedge-born conspiracy theory regarding Goldman and their program trading activty. Look at Rule 107B - Supplemental Liquidity Providers - of the NYSE Rules on Dealings and Settlements, adopted October 29, 2008. The program's description reads a lot like the trading activity described on the Zero Hedge blog these past few weeks: a group of securities assigned to Goldman, the provider (Goldman) to use program trading and the providers own accounts rather than client accounts, etc. And, the purpose is to generate liquidity. Isn't this exactly what Zero Hedge has been describing? But, if so, it is not a conspiracy - it is an announced program being run on a 6-month pilot basis.

Perhaps, but the 6 months are up now, so let's see what happens. Besides, the Zero Hedge blog didn't really get into too many details of what the purpose of the conspiracy was (citing lack of information). Rather, it stated there seems to be an excellent option for monopoly, the benefits of which are still not clear.

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