Saturday, May 09, 2009

TMV update

While researching my last post, I came across this article quoting Bill Gross of PIMCO. He predicts that the FED will step up Treasury buying in an attempt to keep agency mortgage rates at 4%. What the #$%@ is an "agency mortgage rate?" Beats me, I'm guessing it's a 30-yr mortgage on a house.

"...the Fed will likely have to step up its daily purchases of Treasuries and focus more on the longer end of the curve..."

And by "the curve", I assume he means the Yield Curve, where the longer end is probably the right side, the 30-yr Bonds. But the part I DO understand is that Treasury buyback by the Fed might pickup, which means a stabilizing of the 30-yr Bond interest rates, and my precious TMV might see some white water ahead. Should've known it wasn't going to be that easy to just buy and hold.

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