Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Update, Thursday's watch list

BCGI and KEA have reversed their downward trends today with massive gains. Relative Strength for BCGI is reaching its limits, and KEA might have another 3-5 days before it begins to correct.

RSI is only one indicator I'm looking at, but all the indicators point to some loser-stocks getting seriously overbought. Actually, BCGI looks like it's forming one of those 'cup & handle' patterns.

If I can do this right, I might gain back all that money I spent learning about options with UNH.

About charts and TA, Cramer had an excellent quote today for all us chart & TA learners out there:

If an analyst doesn't like a chart, he'll just draw a different line and explain it all over again.

Ha! Ha! I knew I kept watching that show for SOME reason!

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