Friday, July 21, 2006

Recession or Lull?

All the gains from the bounce are about gone, and we're back on track to more down-days. Although I hear murmurings of 'recession' now, I wouldn't go that far. I'm just watching the markets and seeing short-term negativity. Of course, I'm only looking short-term.

I suspect that the fighting in Isreal & Lebannon has upstaged the Fed Watch, as Treasuries are finally moving independent of the Fed Rate. I've got some Bonds at 4.9% (darn commisions!), so I say, "bring on the recession fears!". Fear of recession will raise my bond prices so I can eventually sell those and move back into equities. I've begun dabbling in day-trading and learning that I should maybe hold onto my shorts just a tad longer.

Isreal is building troops, and are expected to move into Lebannon this weekend, possibly tonight. At least it will happen while the markets are closed, so that we'll have a day or two for it all to begin before the Wall Street panic ensues. Here's to holding onto my shorts!

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