Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's KATRINA all over again!!! Shut down the State of Florida!!!!

Tropical Storm Ernesto didn't gather enough strength in the waters between Cuba and Miami to attain hurricane strength. Still, a large storm is about to roll over the state and officials have decided to shut it down. The image below states that max sustained winds will be 45 mph, while the evening news is all over Central Florida (where I live) covering those who are stocking up on ice and putting up hurricane shutters.

I shouldn't be too surprised at this irrational exuberance, given today is around the anniversary of Katrina in New Orleans, 500 miles away. I can understand the officials being 'better safe than sorry', but hurricanes and tropical storms lose strength over land. Ernesto will hit Miami rather hard, but not at hurricane strength. It will cruise its way up through the middle of Florida, losing strength the whole time.

I say Orlando and Daytona are over-reacting, closing schools so that the school buses don't have to drive in 'high winds'. We will get rain up here, lots of it dumped down, but not the high winds.

I'll be home with the kids, checking the markets and reading books. Cheers!

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