Sunday, October 04, 2009

First of all, hats-off to India for discovering water on the Moon a week before LRO does. At first I thought NASA slipped-up to play some politics... trying to influence the Administration's decision for the future of the Space Program. But, now that I know India made the discovery, I will forgo any further political commentary.

I jumped on a few of the stocks I was watching, and I have a few in play money that I'm using in a game with my brother out in Cali. Here's the list of stocks I'm riding, most are about 3%-5% of equity as I see which way they'll go, while I'm riding big on others:

NGD (short)

I had jumped on a couple of others, but they broke down and I got off. Most of these are small-price stocks who aren't necessarily moving with the Indices, they seem to have their own rhythm, and must be watched individually.

Meanwhile, what's the S&P going to do?

Looks kinda like anybody's game tomorrow. We're right in the middle of a channel that also defines 100%-78.6% Fib retracement using the March lows to September's highs. RSI is already bouncing off support, and we're already respecting an upward channel that also goes back to March.

After looking at this chart, I feel that we're still in a short-term bearish move for a few more weeks. But, the first few days of this week are geared-up to see positive action as the S&P takes a breather from the losses last week. I see Monday's range of activity between 1020-1050 for the S&P. The direction the Market wants to take beyond that should be more clear within a few days on this same chart.

Until then, I'll be checking on Gold, Oil, and currencies to look for correlations.

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