Monday, September 21, 2009

Time to Get Back in the Game

The pizza joint I bought a few years back might finally be getting liquidated this week, and I'll have almost nothing left but bad memories and a LOT of debt. Work's been full of deadline after deadline as we race to a finish that we wonder might never come (pending Congress cancels the whole #$!#@ program). And then there's that family to tend to...

I've been spending my few quiet moments trying to listen to Bloomberg and figure out what is going on with Bonds. Who's buying and why? It would seem that foreigners (China) are still buying Treasuries because there's not much else to invest in around here. Corporate bonds are all the rage (bubble), and gold crossed $1000 but is about to get flooded by 1/8 of the IMF's gold reserves. They say it's about $13B worth, way to cash out, guys.

I've finally accepted that this bull market won't quit... just like I finally accepted that we were in a Bear Market back in March. I don't understand how program trading is supposedly the driving force, volume doesn't seem that low as other traders are claiming. I see that a correction is in effect right now, and I'll be watching for new setups.

Sometimes I'd like to stop thinking about the Big Picture so much, and just look at 20-day charts. But I've there's real work to do, and this trading thing is still part time.

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