Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The name's Bond, Junk Bond...

The smartest thing I've done this week is dump my 30-yr treasuries that I've held for 4 years. The dumbest thing I'm probably going to do is go nuts against those bonds further by putting some of that newly-freed cash into a 3x ETF going against those same bonds: TMV. If the banks won't give me what I want, then perhaps TMV will...

Still holding FAZ overnight for small gain as of now, but that ETF is so volatile right now that I'm not getting excited yet. Dropped LVLT today, it was rockin' yesterday but stopped me out today. If this keeps up, I'll get out of SIRI too. GSI and GM disappointed today, but still within tolerance.

Many indices are completing wedge patterns, indicating a substantial move in either direction soon. The fundamentals still point to doom, but there is just no telling at this point. Chances are, when the wedge is broken, a lot of traders while pile in. Gotta be quick!

Wednesday, I'll be watching TMV, TNA, and TZA for entries.

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