Monday, April 27, 2009

Krispey, yet Kremey

I learned a new term today: 'stop sweep'. KKD opened up and then spiked-down big time this morning. It dropped just enough to kiss my stop, and then shot back up. More market f*ckery by the Market Makers, I assume. They've learned a new trick: sell sell sell to kick out all the preset stops placed out there, then flip the price back up and get the suckers to jump back in.

KKD is almost back down to where it stopped me out, and I haven't been eager get back in. Too much Krispey Kreme gives me heartburn, anyway.

Speaking of heartburn, the Fed should look into acquiring Waste Management while it assumes all this garbage it's taking from the banks. There is a massive transfer of wealth...correction: there WAS a massive transfer of wealth. The banks/lenders gave all the money to the developers/speculators/insurers/etc..., and now we taxpayers are transferring it back to the banks through the FED. It's going to get worse before it gets worse.

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