Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Had another shot at dumping FAZ at a decent price (high 59.50) in the opening minutes. But again held on to see if it would go higher. Today wasn't that day, and the words, "wealth destruction" keep entering my head. Still confident that the rally will end soon, and will be watching price action closely again tomorrow.

What did we learn today? When that voice in your head tells you to shoot, SHOOT! No more second guessing the guy, at least take SOME profits off the table.

Looking around at long-term sentiment, I'm finding rumors that oil is moving up to a more stable price (which usually moves the markets opposite these days). That's also spurring talk of inflation again, more bear-talk.

As for pics, WTF is going on with Scottrade? According to their chart, FAZ shot up like nuts at the close, but the numbers at the top say it closed at 41.60. Even Yahoo! says it has dropped off even further since the close. I'll have to see what Scottrade's chart looks like after the open tomorrow.

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