Thursday, June 29, 2006

CNBC: more fluff, less nutricious

I don't know whether to just get upset at CNBC, or to give them kudos for having a little something for everyone. I'd like to wake up in the morning and see some actual financial "news" while getting ready for my day. Take this morning for example:
I'm not a big sports guy, but the first thing I see this morning when I turn on the only financial channel available in my room is talk about MBA picks. They manage to tie it in to money, but we all know it's really for the sports fan in everyone.
After my shower, I come out to see two political hacks trying to out-shout each other with their own rhetoric on offshore drilling for natural gas. I can't believe the garbage that people will say to promote their cause. After that, they moved onto the "FED watch" and played Europe's "The Final Countdown" for the umpteenth time this week.
But I drew the line when they brought in a professional coffee-taster. All the guys on Squawk Box were gathered around samples of black coffee for a lesson in taste-testing. If my wife had suddenly walked in, she would have probably asked me what happened to the regular cast of the Today Show. Although the streaming quotes across the bottom of the screen might have given it away, first.
CNBC is no Bloomberg, but it IS definitely much more entertaining. That's probably why just about every financial office has TV's mounted up high, tuned to CNBC. But, it's finance, how entertaining can that be just by itself?

Wish my office would put up some TV's...

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