Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wednesday Trade Review

Despite my real job deadlines looming near, my 'customer' decided to move up my due date to today. But then stated an understanding if everything is not quite in tonight. I had to break the excitement with a few peeks at the boring, ho-hum, droning stock market charts to keep my sanity.

I thought I had JAZZ with a wide enough margin to avoid the stop sweep, but I got knocked out early in the day. The stock is still down, so maybe I'm not ready for it yet.

Meanwhile, I added CY to the holdings, keeping AMD and ZIXI company.

Overall, the SPX was down -0.29%, and I was up +0.50% for the day. Not bad for also working a 12-hour day to get drawings in on time. I think I spent a total of 20 minutes checking on trades today, using the time as a break between the stress of meeting deadlines.

I noticed that the real traders that I follow raked it in with AIG, CIT, and C to name a few. I'm hearing about double-digit gains, so it pays to keep your eyes open.

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