Friday, September 15, 2006

A Lot of Loud Silence

As I peruse throught the various stocks and indices out there, I notice that volume has been gradually decreasing for months and more. It's like more people are either sitting on their bets, pulling out of the markets, or just aren't sure where to go (uncertainty). Sure, a few stocks here and there are moving around, but I sure am noticing a lot of volume trailing away. I suppose whenever the market decides to get moving, it's really gonna move!

Perhaps when the reality of housing hits, ARMs convert, foreclosures go up, cats & dogs start living together, we'll see renewed interest in stocks? Or more running for cover?

Speaking of housing, there's this great comment I read off of my favorite (other) blog, The Big Picture:

"...To complete the global picture, consider this - in one of the condo buildings I surveyed in Pune (near Bombay), the builder told me that 50% of the condos were sold to US investors who used, wait for it, HELOCs in their US properties to buy property in India."

And I thought the lottery was the only tax on stupidity!

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